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Nothing special to see here. Just a tired old cast rehashing cluedo. Poor writing and direction. Don’t waste your money.


It’s a cute way to pass 2 hours when your bored. Nothing special about it but enjoyable.
I have seen a variety of different reactions to the film, but I haven’t seen one person point out the obvious. It’s not taking itself seriously. I believe the film is a fun spoof of whodunnit movies. So convenient writing and dumb characters are kind of justified. It’s not supposed to be taken seriously. Please just look at it differently and it will become so clear.
Saw this at the festival circuit and was left completely unimpressed. An all star cast like this is usually a red flag for me that the story is going to be weak and I wasn’t surprised. The Dialogue and characters are all super pretentious, and don’t speak like real people so it’s hard to care at all what happens. The twists feel cheap and unearned and sometimes it feels like things that are setup are never paid off in satisfying ways. Overall, AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS! Major Pass.

This is the first time that Rian Johnson shows the skills that we saw in Breaking Bad. Amazing.



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